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Parrish What is he


Okay I want to say this but I find the scene of Parrish talking to the creepy attendant to be very telling.


Notice how he was very self assured at this point


until right before he finished his sentence where there was a pause image

He could have said: “They are crucial witnesses in an…

ANGEL? Are you trying to tell me that Parrish is an angel? 

Look at that pretty man. I’ll buy it.

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i fucking love fanfiction like it literally caters for every need, whether you’re wanting 2k of cute couples snuggling on the sofa, a thing of epic length with an awesome plot or a piece of writing that is literally just pages of your favourite characters banging each other whoever invented fanfiction is my fave

Another reason to give thanks to Star Trek

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I know you were once betrothed to Robin Hood. I was a girl then. Would you still hesitate if he were asking the question? I would never marry him. I despise Robin Hood. Really? So what about me? Will you… marry… me? Yes. I will marry you. I will marry you the day King Richard returns to England.


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